03 June 2009

Because You've Decided

HH JAS: Today’s ekadasi...so suppose someone has decided to fast, not that you have to, but suppose you’ve decided today I won’t eat anything, so because you’ve decided even if during the day some thought comes to you: I wonder what they’re having for lunch today? Or you'er walking in the hallway and you notice that they’ve made such and such nice preparation, but you’ve already decided so you're not going to agitate your mind about it: alright today I’m not eating, the mind is peaceful, otherwise if you haven’t decided, you’re going this way and that way, should I, shouldn’t I, this...that...but once you know that today is my day for not eating food ,doesn’t matter,food doesn’t matter because you’ve decided : so then you're peaceful.
Let me chant Hare Krishna, that’s the idea, let me sit down chant Hare Krishna use my time. So a Krishna Conscious person some desires are coming, I want this, I want that, but he knows this is nonsense: I want illicit sex, I want to smoke, I want to gamble but he tolerates that. These desires are nonsense: "I’ve promised my spiritual master not to do these things to stay out of trouble" He becomes peaceful, not the person who goes chasing after desires.

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