01 June 2010

HH Jayadvaita Swami's visit to Sweden

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HH Jayadvaita Swami has given two lectures during his short visit to Sweden. These have been recorded by Bhakta Nikita!

Please go here to download.

30 May 2010


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Here it is indicated that there is no need to ask for anything form the Lord. The Lord will automatically be attentive to our needs. In BG (9.22) yoga-ksemam vahamy aham , Lord says, "I provide whatever a devotee requires and I preserve whatever he requires… I provide, I preserve." There is no need… the Lord is already maintaining all living creatures, than- why will He not maintain His devotees? Certainly He will. For that matter, there is no need to work very hard in this material world for maintainance, nor to go begging from others for our maintainance.

The renounced life is meant for begging but not for one's own needs. A sannyasi actually does not go begging, because I need this, I need that. He begs for the benefit of the people he begs from or for his own benefit- by taking a role of a beggar he escapes the fault of false prestige. "I do not beg from anyone, I have everything, self-made man, whatever I want I get it or my disciples will get it for me", no- than one risks that pride. Better to be a beggar, so one has to be… just like we have to go and distribute books,"Please take this book, please give a contribution" We wont starve if they don't by a book, and we do not need their money. We can all go to Mayapur and chant Hare Krishna and Krishna will provide everything. Or we can stay here and chant Hare Krishna and Krishna will provide everything. But is for satisfaction of Krishna and the welfare of others. Yes it is for that.

SB 6.9.43, 6 jun 2000

18 April 2010

Safety warning!

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Maya... is a fierce competitor. So there is no room for thinking, "Now I just have to, kind of, make it through the next few years and not really screw up too badly and everything will be all right. Give myself a little slack." Maya will say, "He is weak, get him!"

We should be careful. Such a valuable thing- we have gotten Krishna consciousness. So closely we should guard it. Just like we see here, all those warnings are there during the Mayapur festival, "If you have any valuables- be careful." And always there is somebody who is not careful who goes walking around with their passport or with their money. And some slick thief gets him. And the rest of us think, "I should be very careful with my money, I should lock it up, I should..."

So if we are that careful about our money, about our passports, about our airline tickets- how careful should we be about our Krishna consciousness, about our freedom from material existence, about our going back home back to Godhead?

Oh, if I lose my Krishna consciousness it is OK as long as I do not lose my passport.

We should be so careful.

SB 2.3.15 24/03/2006 Mayapur

15 April 2010

Right attitude

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You can never be overconfident about the lotus feet of Krishna. And you can never be over-skeptical about anything else.

Lecture on SB 1.7.13-14

11 April 2010

Love For Krishna Through Sankirtana

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The ultimate aim of this Krishna consciousness movement is to join with Radha and Krishna in Their dancing party. To join with Krishna and His energies in the spiritual world. But to do that we require love for Krishna.

Now, how to get that love for Krishna? we say krsna-prema-pradaya te, Caitanya Mahaprabhu is giving love for Krishna. But how is He doing that? He has started the Hare Krishna movement- you got to the Hare Krishna temple and you put in your requisition: I want love for Krishna. On Friday we will deliver it if you give your order by six o'clock on Thursday. How is this love for Krishna being distributed? How do we get it? That love for Krishna is available trough sankirtan.

We think that this sankirtan, this chanting of Hare Krishna maybe a ritual or as there are so many rituals done in different religions, in Hindu religion, in Christioan religion... so this is another ritual; chanting Hare Krishna. Or this is some sorth of meditation or yoga practice. Or something to bring a peace of mind... but actualy all... of course all of therse things are there- By chanting Hare Krishna one gets a peace of mind, by chanting Hare Krishna the heart becomes pure, by chanting Hare Krishna one gets free from sinful reactions, by chanting Hare Krishna so many benefits are there. But the real purpose of chanting, the real benefit of chanting Hare Krishna is that by chanting one gets love of Krishna

By chanting Hare Krishna one can get love of Krishna. That is what Caitanya Mahaprabhu is doing with this sankirtan movement. He is giving the living beings the opportunity to develop love for Him. Love for Him means love for Radha and Krishna. sri-krsna-caitanya radha-krsna nahe anya; there is no difference between Caitanya Mahaprabhu and Radha and Krishna; except the Caitanya Mahaprabhu is even more, is most approachable. He is freely giving. because Srimati Radharani is more merciful than Krishna, and now Krishna is taking the mood of Srimati Radharani, He is giving love for Himself trough this harinam sankirtan. golokera prema-dhana, hari-nama-sankirtana this chanting of Hare Krishna gives love for Krishna.

Of course we have to chant for some time, we have to practice chanting Hare Krishna. But by practicing in this chanting our taste develops, and in the mature stage of chanting Hare Krishna one gets love for Krishna. One gets love for Krishna. Therefore, golokera prema-dhana, this chanting Hare Krishna is not a material vibration- it is coming from the spiritual world, and it is putting us in touch with Radha-Krishna. Krishna is Krishna, and Hare, we are calling out for Srimati Radharani, energy of Krishna. O Krishna, O energy of Krishna, please engage me in Your service. The ultimate perfection of chanting Hare Krishna is that one will get love of Krishna. krsna-prema-pradaya te

golokera prema-dhana, hari-nama-sankirtana, especially when we chant together, many devotes together, that love for Krishna starts to reawaken within the heart sravanadi-suddha-citte karaye udaya; the heart becomes purified. Actually love of Krishna is there in the heart of everyone, nitya-siddha krsna-prema sadhya kabhu naya, this is our original love. Now we have love of money, love of this and that. But our real consciousness, eternal consciousness, natural, healthy consciousness is love of Krishna. It is already there within the heart of everyone, it just needs to come out. And it comes out by this process of hearing and chanting. Actually by hearing and chanting and if you like dancing. And by chanting and dancing in Krishna consciousness very quickly one advances, step by step, on the path towards love for Krishna. So this is the method.

...not simply by going to the library and taking out the book and reading... we may read all about Radha and Krishna and at the end of reading not understand anything or understand less, because we think, now i understand.

But actually to understand is possible when ones heart is purified and the heart becomes purified by the grace of the Holy Name of Krishna and by the grace of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu who is distributing this Holy Name trough the Krishna Consciousness movement.

Srila Prabhupada came to give this gift of chanting of Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare. So let us go on chanting Hare Krishna and that will lead us toward the highest perfection of life.

CC Adi 1.5. 03/09/2003 Dubai

01 April 2010

Divya-vani news service, part 2

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Earth welfare organization receives assurances- intervention expected

New York. “The delegation of demigods that sought up Lord Vishnu earlier this week to plead the case of Bhumi, the Earth welfare organization, has received assurances of His help”, sources close to the delegation said today. Precisely what sort of help He is offering is not yet known. The assurances seem to have been given personally to Lord Brahma, the head of the delegation in highly confidential message. Brahma than informed the other demigods.

“It was sort of mystical”, a returning delegate told a reporter to DNS. From publicly available documents Lord Vishnu is known to live on an island in the milk ocean.”And we were all just standing there on the sore”, the delegate said, “no ferry, no helicopter, nothing. So we just stood there on the sore and what else could we do- We prayed. Brahma meditated for a while. Time passed, nothing happened. And then all of a sudden Brahma said, he got the message”, the delegate said. “Beats me how he got it. With Vishnu you never know. You stand there with nothing and next thing you know- you got the whole package.”

Highly confidential information in the message, the delegate said, convinced him that the message was authentic. No specifics of the message have been made available to the press. A spokesman for the delegation said only that Lord Vishnu had promised some sort of intervention. In response to a plea by a Bhumi, the Earth welfare organization, the delegation had gone to seek help in countering alleged pattern of political oppression and military build ups, the delegates said had become a global crisis.

Spokesman for the major world powers say no such pattern exists.

Political analysts say that they have expect changes over night, “Most likely”, they said, “Vishnu will come up with a long term plan”

“But when He finally acts”, one analyst said, “The action will be dramatic. Vishnu does not do things small.”

HH Jayadvaita Swami, Seminar: Preaching from the news, Radhadesh 2002

31 March 2010

Divya-vani news service, part 4

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Mathura prepares for royal wedding, Kamsa to drive a chariot in traditional right

Mathura, India. “A king’s doter and a king’s son will soon marry here in the land that is home to their ancient dynasties”, a spokesman for the royal palace announced today.

The marriage will be celebrated in grand traditional style. The bride groom is Vasudev, son of Surasena. King Surasena is a head of extensive kingdom that bears his name. He is the leader of the Yadu dynasty, an important royal family in the area. The bride to be, named Devaki, is the daughter of Devaka. Memebers of the royal family here are known simply by one name. Devakas brother Ugrasena is the king of Bhoja dynasty, another influential royal family.

The wedding will be celebrated with pageantry, with processions, with rights and fanfare. And at the end of the ceremonies, the bride’s brother, following an old traditional custom, will drive the bride by chariot to her new home.

“A girl here lives sheltered at home with her family till marriage”, explained Dr Satish Trivedi, head of the sociology department at Mathura university. “Then at marriage, she moves in with her husband and becomes as if wore a part of his family. By driving the chariot”, Dr Trivedi explained, “the brother responds sympathetically to the sisters natural feeling of missing the home where she has grown up. It is really a heart touching custom”, Dr Trivedi said.

The brother of the bride is Kamsa, who has recently been singled out for the criticism by the United Demigods, as cruel and oppressive. But the spokesman for the Mathura palace, Mr Trigun Mohit gave a different picture. “They just do not know Kamsa at all”, Mr Mohit said. “They got him all wrong. You should see him close up, like with his family, how caring and gentle he is.”

“Technically, Kamsa and Devaki are not brother and sister their fathers are brothers, so Kamsa and Devaki are cousins. But in this part of the world”, Mr Mohir said, “that technicality hardly matters. First cousins are like brothers and sisters. Apart from that”, he said, “Kamsa really sees her like his sister. I just cannot tell you how much he loves that girl.”

The entire kingdom thoroughly excited is giring up for the wedding. On the streets and in the cafes’, wherever you go, it is the topic of everyone’s talk. In Mr Mohit words, “This is going to be a wedding that people will long remember.”

HH Jayadvaita Swami, Seminar: Preaching from the news, Radhadesh 2002

Divya-vani news service, part 3

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Lord Vishnu- mysterious power behind the United Demigods

Washington. Ever since the delegation of the United Demigods expressed alarm over global military build ups and returned from the milk ocean with reported assurances of help from Lord Vishnu, Lord Vishnu has been very much in the news. Multinational corporations worry about Him. Think tanks try to figure out His next move. Kings have said to fear His power. Everyone, it seems, has heard of Him.

But who is He?

“We got a huge file on Lord Vishnu”, said a highly placed official at the Central Intelligence Agency speaking under condition of anonymity. “I would say we have more on Him than on anyone else. Tons of data! But all of it is contradictory. Take His whereabouts for example: Lord Vishnu is supposed to have His headquarters in the milk ocean. But where the hack is that?” the official said. “Sometimes we hear that He is Russia, sometimes we hear China, sometimes the Middle East, South America… and forget rumors- I am talking highly reliable reports. So what are we supposed to think? It is like He is everywhere! And for that matter- What is He Lord of? No one seems quite sure”, the CIA official said. “You ask these demigod people, and they just smile and say, “Oh, everything!” what are we supposed to do with that?”

“Vishnu’s age? No one seems to know. His nationality? No one knows. His looks? From most accounts He is exceedingly handsome. But some reports say He is a dwarf. He seems to be the master of disguises. Whatever He may look like, and wherever He may be, at least some information about Lord Vishnu seems fairly consistent: For one thing He is incredibly wealthy”, the CIA official said.”He has got gold, He has got oil, He has got diamonds, He has got timber, He is into biotech. I cannot tell you how much He owns. Anything He wants to do- He has always got the resources. He does not seem to have any limits.”

“And He is astonishingly well informed. He has got eyes and ears everywhere”, said the source at the National Security Agency. “It is like He knows in advance our every move. It is uncanny.”

“And He has power. How much”, said the source at MI5, the British Security Agency, “We do not know. But we have seen His forces wipe out the whole armies just like that. We believe He has nuclear weapons, and maybe even weapons we do not know about. Yet He does not fit the profile of the terrorist. From His track record it seems He supports all the best causes”, said the source at MI5. “But you could say that He is outright benevolent. But He is not all sweet and nice. He has also got this other side to Him- If He thinks you are wrong- watch out.”

Still more puzzling, some reports say the Vishnu is indifferent to opulence and hardly cares about world affairs at all. According to French intelligence sources, what Vishnu most likes to do- despite His money, despite His power, despite everything- is just forget it all and live like a nomad in cow pastures somewhere in India. The French sources hinted, He has a fascination with local village girls.

Two months ago, top level security officials from fourteen countries attended the conference, focused entirely on sharing information about Lord Vishnu. What they found out is that everyone has a different idea. According to one theory- it is all a bluff- Vishnu is just an ordinary man. Others say He is the single most powerful person there is. Another theory says there is no such person as Vishnu at all, an organization maybe, but not a person. And then others say that there are many Vishnus, perhaps something like a Vishnu family, all working together.

The official from the CIA summed it up, “Who is Vishnu? At the end of the day we do not really know.”

HH Jayadvaita Swami, Seminar: Preaching from the news, Radhadesh 2002

Divya-vani news service, part 1

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Delegation seeks relief from arms build up

New York. Responding to what many perceive needles global build up of weapons and military forces, a delegation of dignitaries has gone to the milk ocean, the reputed headquarters of Lord Vishnu to seek relief. The specifics of their requests have not been disclosed. “The delegation went to express extreme alarm about the oppression and exploitation by presidents, kings and other heads of state”, a delegation spokesman said today. “These kings, dictators and presidents are unfit to be in charge of anything”, he said. “They squeeze their citizens for every tax dollar they can, spend billions on so called military defense (in plain world- on war), and could not care less about the welfare of their people.”

According to sources close to the delegation, which has yet to return, the dignitaries are acting in sympathy with Bhumi, The Earth welfare organization known by its symbol of a cow. “The delegates are convinced”, the source said, “that Bhumi authentically represents the welfare of The Earth.” “The stories Bhumi told us were appalling”, one delegate was quoted to have said, “whole country is devastated, villagers driven from their homes, innocent people killed and tortured, and this- it is so sickening, all over the world- And for what? So handful of politicians and money-man can suck up as much oil and gold and power as they can. If you ask me they are just demons.”

“This murder for money”, the spokesman alleged, “is going on practically worldwide- in Africa, South America, the Middle East, the Far East. And is Europe exempt?” he asked, “Name me a place- I will show you the terror and oppression. “

The delegates, reporters were told, were headed by Lord Brahma, the eminent scientist, engineer, philanthropist and scholar. Lord Vishnu, it is believed, Has yet to respond. The delegation spokesman was very optimistic, “We are confident that He will.”

Only Lord Vishnu, the delegation has said to think, is powerful enough to intervene. “Without Him,” the spokesman said, “we are hopeless.”

In Washington the state department declined to comment. But in London the spokesman for the foreign office dismissed the delegation as “a pack of extremists and fanatics”. In India a spokesman for a king Kamsa of Mathura, characterized by Bhumi as particularly cruel and despotic, said, “The king is unaware of any such delegation.”

Whatever the outcome,” Bhumi’s spokesman said, “Bhumi is extremely grateful to the delegation.”
“What can I say”, the spokesman told the reporter, “They are demigods.”

HH Jayadvaita Swami, Seminar: Preaching from the news, Radhadesh 2002

29 March 2010

Speaking Pleasing Words

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Speech should be beneficial, the most beneficial speech is to talk about Krishna. And ‘Priya’ that speech will be very pleasing also, the speech about Krishna will be pleasing to the ear and heart. There is nothing ultimately more pleasing than the message of spiritual realisation, the message of Krishna.
Sometimes the message may not be so pleasing, but truth is not always pleasing but better to speak the truth as pleasingly as possible. But sometimes even if it’s not pleasing if it’s true and beneficial then it will ultimately be pleasing.
Sometimes we speak very harshly - someone’s flying a kite on the roof and is about to run off the edge:
‘HEY, you crazy or something!’
The person: ‘ He’s calling me crazy’, what is this!’
So you’re speaking harshly. But later if the man meets you he says:
‘Thank you so much’ because it was for his welfare. You weren’t trying to merely agitate him for no purpose but you were speaking the truth for his ultimate welfare.
So sometimes at the expense of being pleasing, we’ll speak beneficially and truthfully but if you can also be pleasing when you speak, that’s very good.

(Jayadvaita Swami 02/2010)

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