01 April 2010

Divya-vani news service, part 2

Earth welfare organization receives assurances- intervention expected

New York. “The delegation of demigods that sought up Lord Vishnu earlier this week to plead the case of Bhumi, the Earth welfare organization, has received assurances of His help”, sources close to the delegation said today. Precisely what sort of help He is offering is not yet known. The assurances seem to have been given personally to Lord Brahma, the head of the delegation in highly confidential message. Brahma than informed the other demigods.

“It was sort of mystical”, a returning delegate told a reporter to DNS. From publicly available documents Lord Vishnu is known to live on an island in the milk ocean.”And we were all just standing there on the sore”, the delegate said, “no ferry, no helicopter, nothing. So we just stood there on the sore and what else could we do- We prayed. Brahma meditated for a while. Time passed, nothing happened. And then all of a sudden Brahma said, he got the message”, the delegate said. “Beats me how he got it. With Vishnu you never know. You stand there with nothing and next thing you know- you got the whole package.”

Highly confidential information in the message, the delegate said, convinced him that the message was authentic. No specifics of the message have been made available to the press. A spokesman for the delegation said only that Lord Vishnu had promised some sort of intervention. In response to a plea by a Bhumi, the Earth welfare organization, the delegation had gone to seek help in countering alleged pattern of political oppression and military build ups, the delegates said had become a global crisis.

Spokesman for the major world powers say no such pattern exists.

Political analysts say that they have expect changes over night, “Most likely”, they said, “Vishnu will come up with a long term plan”

“But when He finally acts”, one analyst said, “The action will be dramatic. Vishnu does not do things small.”

HH Jayadvaita Swami, Seminar: Preaching from the news, Radhadesh 2002

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