18 April 2010

Safety warning!

Maya... is a fierce competitor. So there is no room for thinking, "Now I just have to, kind of, make it through the next few years and not really screw up too badly and everything will be all right. Give myself a little slack." Maya will say, "He is weak, get him!"

We should be careful. Such a valuable thing- we have gotten Krishna consciousness. So closely we should guard it. Just like we see here, all those warnings are there during the Mayapur festival, "If you have any valuables- be careful." And always there is somebody who is not careful who goes walking around with their passport or with their money. And some slick thief gets him. And the rest of us think, "I should be very careful with my money, I should lock it up, I should..."

So if we are that careful about our money, about our passports, about our airline tickets- how careful should we be about our Krishna consciousness, about our freedom from material existence, about our going back home back to Godhead?

Oh, if I lose my Krishna consciousness it is OK as long as I do not lose my passport.

We should be so careful.

SB 2.3.15 24/03/2006 Mayapur

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