30 May 2010


Here it is indicated that there is no need to ask for anything form the Lord. The Lord will automatically be attentive to our needs. In BG (9.22) yoga-ksemam vahamy aham , Lord says, "I provide whatever a devotee requires and I preserve whatever he requires… I provide, I preserve." There is no need… the Lord is already maintaining all living creatures, than- why will He not maintain His devotees? Certainly He will. For that matter, there is no need to work very hard in this material world for maintainance, nor to go begging from others for our maintainance.

The renounced life is meant for begging but not for one's own needs. A sannyasi actually does not go begging, because I need this, I need that. He begs for the benefit of the people he begs from or for his own benefit- by taking a role of a beggar he escapes the fault of false prestige. "I do not beg from anyone, I have everything, self-made man, whatever I want I get it or my disciples will get it for me", no- than one risks that pride. Better to be a beggar, so one has to be… just like we have to go and distribute books,"Please take this book, please give a contribution" We wont starve if they don't by a book, and we do not need their money. We can all go to Mayapur and chant Hare Krishna and Krishna will provide everything. Or we can stay here and chant Hare Krishna and Krishna will provide everything. But is for satisfaction of Krishna and the welfare of others. Yes it is for that.

SB 6.9.43, 6 jun 2000

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