31 March 2010

Divya-vani news service, part 1

Delegation seeks relief from arms build up

New York. Responding to what many perceive needles global build up of weapons and military forces, a delegation of dignitaries has gone to the milk ocean, the reputed headquarters of Lord Vishnu to seek relief. The specifics of their requests have not been disclosed. “The delegation went to express extreme alarm about the oppression and exploitation by presidents, kings and other heads of state”, a delegation spokesman said today. “These kings, dictators and presidents are unfit to be in charge of anything”, he said. “They squeeze their citizens for every tax dollar they can, spend billions on so called military defense (in plain world- on war), and could not care less about the welfare of their people.”

According to sources close to the delegation, which has yet to return, the dignitaries are acting in sympathy with Bhumi, The Earth welfare organization known by its symbol of a cow. “The delegates are convinced”, the source said, “that Bhumi authentically represents the welfare of The Earth.” “The stories Bhumi told us were appalling”, one delegate was quoted to have said, “whole country is devastated, villagers driven from their homes, innocent people killed and tortured, and this- it is so sickening, all over the world- And for what? So handful of politicians and money-man can suck up as much oil and gold and power as they can. If you ask me they are just demons.”

“This murder for money”, the spokesman alleged, “is going on practically worldwide- in Africa, South America, the Middle East, the Far East. And is Europe exempt?” he asked, “Name me a place- I will show you the terror and oppression. “

The delegates, reporters were told, were headed by Lord Brahma, the eminent scientist, engineer, philanthropist and scholar. Lord Vishnu, it is believed, Has yet to respond. The delegation spokesman was very optimistic, “We are confident that He will.”

Only Lord Vishnu, the delegation has said to think, is powerful enough to intervene. “Without Him,” the spokesman said, “we are hopeless.”

In Washington the state department declined to comment. But in London the spokesman for the foreign office dismissed the delegation as “a pack of extremists and fanatics”. In India a spokesman for a king Kamsa of Mathura, characterized by Bhumi as particularly cruel and despotic, said, “The king is unaware of any such delegation.”

Whatever the outcome,” Bhumi’s spokesman said, “Bhumi is extremely grateful to the delegation.”
“What can I say”, the spokesman told the reporter, “They are demigods.”

HH Jayadvaita Swami, Seminar: Preaching from the news, Radhadesh 2002

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