29 March 2010

Speaking Pleasing Words

Speech should be beneficial, the most beneficial speech is to talk about Krishna. And ‘Priya’ that speech will be very pleasing also, the speech about Krishna will be pleasing to the ear and heart. There is nothing ultimately more pleasing than the message of spiritual realisation, the message of Krishna.
Sometimes the message may not be so pleasing, but truth is not always pleasing but better to speak the truth as pleasingly as possible. But sometimes even if it’s not pleasing if it’s true and beneficial then it will ultimately be pleasing.
Sometimes we speak very harshly - someone’s flying a kite on the roof and is about to run off the edge:
‘HEY, you crazy or something!’
The person: ‘ He’s calling me crazy’, what is this!’
So you’re speaking harshly. But later if the man meets you he says:
‘Thank you so much’ because it was for his welfare. You weren’t trying to merely agitate him for no purpose but you were speaking the truth for his ultimate welfare.
So sometimes at the expense of being pleasing, we’ll speak beneficially and truthfully but if you can also be pleasing when you speak, that’s very good.

(Jayadvaita Swami 02/2010)

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